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In the face of AMD’s under-the-radar 2600 re-fresh as a numerically reduced part — that’d be the AMD R AF — the R almost looks disappointing, but it’s still objectively a good performer at the price point. It’s not as good as the $ AF, but not much will be for a long time and, as we said in these reviews, that’s going to be the CPU that got away for a lot of people. AMD is still moving the 1600 AF into retail channels, but whether or not you can grab one before the scalpers is questionable. Assuming a world where the 1600 AF is unavailable, then, the 3100 is still positioned well, it’s just that we became spoiled with the $85 12-thread CPU that managed such strong gaming performance. It’s bizarre writing about these new AMD Ryzen 3 parts, because it really does feel like ~4 years ago during our review period of the 6700K and 7700K CPUs.

Intel just doesn’t have any direct competition, and so the only thing we can question for value is whether AMD’s newest launch is able to justify its existence against AMD’s other nearby products. It’s fine, really, but as you’ll see in our 3300X review in a few hours (it’s mostly done at time of writing this), the 3300X is really the part to pay attention to. The R is worthy of consideration for those with extra budget. The 3100 runs 149FPS AVG with medium, encountering a CPU bind before a GPU bound. If you ran high settings, you’d be GPU bound almost assuredly.

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  • Pre-production included a screening of the film Network , as well as Ordinary People .
  • The DVD release includes a lengthy behind-the-scenes documentary, That Moment.
  • The behind-the-scenes documentary is an in-depth look into Anderson’s motivation and directing style.
  • It uses a fly-on-the-wall approach to cover nearly every aspect of production, from production management and scheduling to music direction to special effects.
  • Several scenes showed Anderson at odds with the child actors and labor laws that restrict their work time.

As for the 7700K, credit to Intel where it’s due – the old flagship still runs 179FPS AVG stock, a lead over the 3100 stock CPU of 20%. The 7700K OC posts an additional 8% gain over its stock score. The 3600, for reference, is about 24% ahead of the 3100 and encroaches on the 7700K. As for the 3100 OC, that boosts to 162FPS AVG Learn more. Recommended version to use Windows 10 This version is stable and doesn’t require many resources. over 149FPS AVG, a jump of 8.7%. Our next frequency chart is Blender with an all-core, all-thread workload.

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The 3100 runs a significant and somewhat remarkable 37% ahead of the 9100F AVG FPS. That’s a big jump, especially considering the previous game had the 9100F technically ahead. This also speaks to our previous result of the 1600AF’s leadership in this particular title, where it runs 157FPS AVG to the 9100F’s lower framerate.

For this, we’re looking to see if the frequency line ever deviates from a single target of 3900MHz. The average all-core frequency is about 3890MHz, so AMD’s advertising on this one appears to be accurate to the boost expectations under all-core and single-thread loads.

I’ve just started it but I’m having a weird control issue where Lydia keeps walking forwards on her own. I can’t seem to replicate it in other games, so I don’t know if it’s my joycon or the game. For the most part, Lydia plays out like your typical adventure title; you can directly control Lydia for large portions of the game, investigating areas of interest and talking to people within the environment. Other scenes play out more like a visual novel, occasionally providing you with dialogue choices as you progress through conversations. You play as the titular Lydia, a child with a highly active imagination trapped in a neglectful home environment.

As seen in this block diagram of the topology from AMD’s R3 series, only one CCD is active on each CPU, as expected, but the active CCXs are different. The 3300X loads everything into a single CCX, so it’s a 4+0 configuration for the cores, while the 3100 splits it into two CCXs for a 2+2 configuration.

After her father tells her a story of monsters in the night, Lydia becomes convinced that monsters are real, and with the help of her beloved teddy, ventures into her wardrobe to confront her fears. To say more of the story would ultimately ruin it, but needless to say that a lot of what you see within the game is not always as it seems.

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