Diary of Malaysian Tour, KK

Kota Kinabalu

Civilisation again? Well there are people and cars. On my third day here I discovered that the sea was just over the road………….am I working too hard?

Conversation at hotel;

Reception “good evening sir do you have a reservation?” wanted to say “many” but bit my tongue.

JB “yes I have a room for 2 nights I am Dr.J. Can I have wi-fi in my room please”

Rec. “you can sir but it may not work”

JB “I really need a good internet connection please can you find me a room where it does”

Rec. “We have extensive building work ongoing at the moment and you may experience some noise and sometimes they drill through the wires”

JB “thank you for your honesty, can you recommend a hotel nearby?”

I got an upgrade obviously enough but I felt bad as I was not calling their bluff, I just wanted to get out of there. It was in the end a very nice hotel.

I met a guy just around the corner from the hotel where I went to a small shop to buy milk for tea in my room (rock and roll lifestyle). He was very interested in music and wants to have a look at the Boogie Woogie course. More common on my travels than you would expect. JB


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