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Boogie Woogie Piano Warm Up

We received this question from one of our members, Wendy, this evening, and rather than reply directly to Wendy, we thought you might all be interested in this one.

“Hi Trevor!
Thanks for your email!  Good to know you are slaving away at a hot computer.  I am still practising you will glad to know and had a look at Lesson 8 just now.  Do you think its worth John suggesting a few warm up exercises or finger stretches or whatever he thinks is appropriate as I particularly find that when you are playing the chords such as in  BW6 that my hands ache.  Might just be me!
As for making progress?   Well, I am having a lot of fun which is the only reason to be doing it!!
Have a great weekend!
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So I sent Wendy’s question over to Dr John, and here is his reply:

From the desk of Dr John 'Boogie Woogie' Branton

Thanks Wendy,

A very good question, thank you. There is a lot of discussion out there about the merits of ‘warming up’ and generally preparing for an event but the truth is that your fingers are telling you the truth and any amount of ‘advice’ is just a guess.

Practice slowly at first and try to be economical with your movement, look at the videos. Your ‘warm up’ if necessary, is just playing in a gentle and slow way to start with and building up gradually.

Hope this helps.



Thanks John.

Wendy, I started practising the Hugh Laurie Swanee River piece that John prepared for me, and that made my left hand ache a bit.

I think it’s like most things.  If you are doing something new and different, you’re using muscles that don’t usually get used in that way.  If we both keep practising we’ll be fine! :-)

Good to hear from you.


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