Barbershops in Kyiv

Barbershops in Kyiv

If you’re looking to visit a barbershop in Kyiv, there are several options to choose from. You can visit the BRAZOR Barber Shop, or you can try Frisor. In addition to these two choices, you can also try VOSK.

BRAZOR barbershop

There are numerous choices when it comes to Kiev’s barbershops. They provide the latest technology and a variety of atmospheres. You can get your beard cut, cut, removed and even shaving professionally. Depending on what you want you want, prices can be found in an array.

In Ukraine the barbershop industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. Barbershops are a popular choice for locals. A haircut at one of these places can give you a beautiful appearance and make you feel confident.

BRAZOR barbershops are located in numerous locations around Kiev. The BRAZOR salon offers a variety of services including trimming, shaving, entertainment, and much more. The team of professionals has many years of experience, and they pay attention to every little detail.

The most appealing aspect of BRAZOR barbershop is that they provide discounts and other offers for regular customers. Customers can receive haircuts for free by watching a video or television.

Aldobarbers in Kyiv is another great location to get your hair cut. The barbershop is located in the middle of Kyiv and provides a wide range of services. It is known for its friendly staff and flexible hours.

Apart from the excellent haircut, Aldobarbers also offers a unique skin treatment program for skin care. Also, the barbershop has two female employees that is a major benefit.

Daboroda Barbershop is another option to get haircuts for men. Their prices are affordable and they are known for their high-quality service. They employ the Vidal Sassoon London haircutting technique and offer a broad range of grooming products.

The staff at Brazor, Daboroda, and Aldobarbers speak English and listen to their customers. If you’re in search of barbershops in Kyiv it is a good idea to look into these three. They provide the most professional haircuts and most relaxing atmospheres. They also make a great place to meet males.

If you’re traveling to Kyiv for business or pleasure it is possible to find a perfect barbershop for your needs. Make use of Moovit to find the top ones.


Aldobarbers is the best option if you want top-quality haircuts in Kiev. The barbershop provides a range of services such as haircuts and styling. You can also have your hair shaved.

Aldobarbers, located in the heart Kiev is among the top barbershops. They offer a broad range of haircuts, including strizhkaia muzhskaia and zhenskaia as well as vechernaia. Barbers are proud of their work and are always willing to listen to what you have to say.

The Aldobarbers staff is friendly and has a lot of knowledge about the beauty industry. They can provide suggestions on how you can look your best and give tips on how to keep your hairstyle looking good.

Aldobarbers offers flexible hours, meaning that you can go in during the day and then stay in for a drink afterward. Guests can also enjoy the whiskey-themed atmosphere.

The Aldobarbers team is comprised of experienced professionals with years of experience. Many of the staff members speak English and can easily communicate with guests. Another advantage is that they’ll even accept photos of your hair , so you can show them how it appears.

Daboroda Barbershop in Kiev offers an array of services. It’s located in the Parikmakherskie district, and its staff speak both Ukrainian and English. Hairdressers are able to help you choose the appropriate style for you.

There are four Vidal Sassoon London locations. The most up-to-date techniques are utilized by their barbers. You can receive discounts by purchasing the Silver card. There are also salons in London, Austria, and Poland.

There are many barbershops in Kiev and you’ll be able to locate a salon that is suitable for your needs. Each salon has its own character, and there are some with strong handshakes, while others are more private and peaceful.

A men’s haircut can be a memorable experience in Ukraine. You’ll not only get a stunning haircut, but you’ll also meet other men. A classic haircut can increase your confidence and improve your appearance.


Barbershop VOSK is the best location to get your hair cut in Kyiv. It provides professional haircuts and styles to complement your look. The staff here is comprised of experts who know the details of hairstyles for men. They can also style your beard and chat about the latest gossip.

There are plenty of barbershops to choose from in Kyiv you must pay a visit to VOSK. The skilled staff will provide an exceptional haircut that is also comfortable.

Another alternative is the BRAZOR barbershop. With a four-star rating and 206 reviews, this establishment is among the most popular in the city. Haircuts of the highest quality are available for a reasonable price. They also provide express services.

They will also provide a DMK Danne Hydra Facial as part of their program. Not to mention botoks dlia volos, keratinovoe vypriamlenie, and narashchivanie volos. Also, they’ll be happy to give you the newest information on the city and its most popular attractions.

Although the staff here speak fluent English However, you may not feel at ease if don’t speak Ukrainian. In this scenario, it would be best to bring along a picture of the cut you’d like.

Furthermore, they’ll be more than happy to teach you the tricks of otlichnyi or voodoo in a way that you comprehend. If you are a gamer it’s a great location to visit.

Finally, the BRAZOR on Pushkinskaya is a salon for hairdressing that goes above and beyond the norm. The owners have done a fantastic job of creating a modern environment that allows their customers the chance to unwind from their everyday lives. Whether you’re here for an upcoming business trip or simply to relax, you’ll be well taken care of.

Additionally, you might want to check out Baseina Street Hair Salon. It’s located at Baseina Street, 19 in Kyiv. It’s best to book an appointment to ensure the best price. You can also find discounts for regular customers.

Although every barbershop within Kiev is unique each one offers great hair cuts. You’ll look and feel your best when you go to a well-respected place.


The largest chain of barbershops in Ukraine is Frisor Barbershop. There are salons in 33 cities across Ukraine, Austria and Poland. You can get haircuts, facial or beard trim at the shop in Kyiv. It is also renowned for its top-quality service.

The barbers will be pleased to meet you at the shop. They are also well-trained and are professional in hair styling. Most barbers speak English. In addition to hair cuts they also offer drinks and consultations. The shop also has its own mobile application, so you can book your appointment online.

There are a myriad of haircuts available, including classic, short neck and temples. For those who prefer to have beards there are a variety of choices. Barbers can help pick the best look for you in case you are unsure.

You can also enjoy free drinks and promotions at the Barbershop Frisor establishments in the network. These establishments provide great conversation and a variety of ambiences. Some are more contemporary and have a modern style, whereas others are more traditional.

If you’re looking to refresh your look or design an entirely new look or create a new one, the Frisor Barbershop has everything you need. Their stylists will guide you on how to maintain your beard, mustache or other areas of your body. They will only use the best cosmetics to provide you with a healthy and stylish appearance.

You can go to the Kiev barbershop or any of its branches to get your haircut. You can also get your hair done at the Frisor 1 branch located in Pushkinskaya, the city center. The branch is famous for its friendly environment, and the frank and honest conversations with clients.

The Frisor Barbershop in Kyiv provides a variety of products and services to help you achieve that perfect appearance. The Barbershop has won many awards and is a leader in the male hairdressing market. It was named the “Best men’s hairdresser in the World” in 2015 and 2014. You can get a lot of information about their products and download a mobile app.

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